The Exact SEO System To Double Site Traffic Within 2 Months  


Technical SEO Critical For Traffic And Ranking

It’s easy to hear the term Technical SEO and go “Yeah, I’ve heard of it. It’s the process of optimizing a whole site to improve rankings”.  

That sounds about right. But what really is Technical SEO? On a scale of 1 - 10, where would you rate yourself on your knowledge of Technical SEO?  

You’re probably using keyword research, optimizing titles, and adding alt text to improve your site’s traffic, SERP rankings, and CTRs. But is that all you’re doing? Are you aware that you could be missing out on dozens of important ranking factors? 

There are thousands of sites that have been able to achieve crazy results - increase in traffic by over 5X, rankings jumping over 25 positions, and bounce rate dropping by 20% by not just optimizing their meta titles, descriptions, and images but by going beyond and leveraging Technical SEO.  

Would you be able to increase site traffic, rankings, CTRs, and session durations using Technical SEO?  

Do you have the technical know-how and practical experience on: 

Google Search Console

SEO Audits

Structured Data

Server-level Redirects

SSL Installation

Indexation and Indexability 

Page Load


Site Speed

Crawl Depth

Site Structure

Rich Snippets

Don’t worry if you suddenly feel overwhelmed and maybe a little ill-equipped to answer these questions.

We’ve worked with thousands of people such as you – newbies, SEO practitioners, site owners, bloggers, even SEO experts. We know how complex and difficult Technical SEO can be if it’s not approached in a streamlined, well thought out process.  

Sites that leverage Technical SEO consistently outperform those that don’t:

• Traffic increasing by over 4X. • SERP rankings jumping over 25 positions. • Session duration increasing by 150%.  

These results are not uncommon for sites leveraging Technical SEO. 

If you’re reading this far, you’re probably trying to figure out how to increase traffic to your site without spending thousands of dollars and wasting years of your time.  

We have the solution for you. We’re not talking about some “tricks” that benefit you for just a few weeks. We’re talking about the exact system we’ve used to increase site traffic, improve SERP rankings, and increase CTRs. It’s a proven system that could help you build traffic to your site.  

If you’re ready to turn your business and your life around...

And never worry again about site traffic and SERP rankings, then you’re at the right place at the right time. Take action today, mark this day on your calendar as the day you made a commitment to yourself to build a sustainable, high traffic site. 

Does the Technical SEO Mastery System Work?  

We’ve helped a number of customers increase site traffic and improve SERP rankings. Here’s a glimpse of what they achieved when they implemented the Technical SEO Mastery System.

We adjusted the rich snippet implementation, rewrote meta titles and descriptions, and added new text below the h2 and h3 headers containing secondary information to help this client achieve a 480% growth in user base within 2 months.  

We helped this client increase site traffic by almost 2X while reducing the Bounce Rate by 21% by leveraging the Technical SEO Mastery System. 

This client was struggling with a low ranking page. We leveraged our Technical SEO Mastery System to restructure the site. This resulted in a jump of over 25 positions in SERP rankings within 1 month. 

The Technical SEO Mastery System

  A step-by-step, follow-along-simple process for increasing site traffic by leveraging Technical SEO.  

  • Follow-Along-Simple Videos
  • Site Audit To-Do List
  • “How To Solve” Resources
  • Step-By-Step Guides 

The Technical SEO Mastery system provides you with


Learn about site elements that are crucial for a good SERP ranking. Great content needs to be backed up with a great site structure to push the rankings and traffic up.


Learn about the impact of different SEO elements on your page traffic and ranking. You will no longer have to scratch your head wondering why your site’s traffic isn’t increasing despite your best efforts. 


Learn the skills that will make you a force to reckon with in the SEO space. Use the tools and resources to work on your site(s), All our training materials are available online for you to learn at your own pace.  

Stop wasting years of your life figuring out the best way to increase site traffic and SERP rankings.

Say goodbye to poor traffic numbers!  

Save thousands of dollars you’d otherwise lose in missed affiliate commissions due to poor traffic.  

The Technical SEO Mastery System

Covers everything you’ll ever need to build a site with high traffic.  

You’ll have enough knowledge to effortlessly conduct an SEO audit, identify loopholes, and fix your sites without spending sleepless nights.  

How? Because all you need to do is mimic this proven system for your site. It’s taken us years, hundreds of mistakes, and thousands of lost sales to figure out how to make Technical SEO work for us.  

We’re giving this knowledge to you. You don’t have to waste 4-5 years of your life. You don’t have to lose thousands of dollars in lost affiliate commissions.  

You’re being given the system. Take it, copy it, implement it.

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’ve built a 6-figure “side business” that leverages SEO and affiliate marketing. Without LongTailPro I would not enjoy a blog that generates passive income.  

- Josh Rhodes  

Thanks to Long Tail Pro, we consistently and predictably rank keywords, pages, and whole sites. Already this year, we’ve grown a client’s site traffic by 6X in just 7 months – and it continues to grow.  

- Bryan Haines  

The Technical SEO Mastery system shows you each micro-step that you simply have to implement on your site to see the results you want.  

And the best part? You get unlimited LIFETIME access to this system. Need a refresher on the content? Just revisit it. We couldn’t make this system more practical and easy to follow even if we wanted to.  

Technical SEO Mastery: A journey to improve site traffic 

Technical SEO Mastery is delivered across 3 modules  

Module 1 

How To Run Site Audits.

When running audits...

Client: Who are you? Auditor: I’m the auditor Client: What is it that you do exactly? Auditor: We solve problems you didn’t know you had in ways you don’t understand.  

This is a pretty common joke in our SEO community. Though, in all honesty, an SEO audit is a lot similar. In this module, you’ll learn:  

Which elements do search engines look for in a site when ranking it and how to identify and resolve related issues  

How to check your site's indexation and identify issues that could be hurting Google's ability to crawl and index your site 

How to regularize the auditing process so that you save time conducting annual audits and prevent catastrophic site failures  

By the end of this module, you’ll know where to look for site loopholes - issues that could impact your site traffic and SERP rankings.  

Module 2 How To Conduct Effective Sitewide SEO and UX.  

There’s no point in operating a site if it doesn’t convert  

In this module, you’ll dive deeper into proactively fixing SEO issues. You’ll learn:  

How to make your site easily navigable for your visitors 

How to build a clean link structure that’s easy for search engines to index 

What is Schema structured data and how to set it up 

No matter your level of experience, by the end of this module you’ll be able to identify flaws in any website and point out the technical glitches impacting site traffic. You’ll be able to do all this without so much as breaking a sweat.  

Module 3  

How To Fix Technical SEO Issues.  

It’s easy to point out problems. Solving them is the real deal  

In this module, we’ll stitch everything together and teach you how to fix the SEO issues that you identify. In this module, you’ll:  

Get a checklist that you can use to identify, track and resolve SEO issues 

Learn how to fix the SEO issues you identify such as duplicate content, broken links, mobile-friendliness, etc.

Learn about Google penalties - when are they enforced, how you can avoid them, and how to recover from a penalty  

At the end of this module, you’ll be ready to diagnose and treat any site for SEO improvements. You’ll have the tools and knowledge at your disposal to fix and improve site traffic and SERP rankings.  

The Technical SEO Mastery System Is Guaranteed To Be:  

Practical & Implementable 

Over The Shoulder


You can get access to the exact process we’ve used to help clients increase site traffic, SERP rankings, page impressions, and CTRs.  

So… Do You Think This System Is Worth Your Time?  

Before you answer that question take a sneak peek at some actual content from the Technical SEO Mastery System.  

 How To Find Broken Links And Redirects.

This video is not promotional material. It’s an actual part of the Technical SEO Mastery System. 

As you saw, it’s an over-the-shoulder video giving you the exact step-by-step process to identify broken links and redirecs. The content is practical and implementable just as we promised.  

The Technical SEO Mastery System

If you don’t want to waste 4 - 5 years trying to increase site traffic and improve your SERP rankings… If you don’t want to lose thousands of dollars in missed affiliate commissions...  

Then enroll yourself in The Technical SEO Mastery system today!  

Unlimited access to the complete Technical SEO System (Value $1,097)

Access to SEO Audit To-Do Checklists ( Value $947 )

Free access to our in-house SEO experts ( Value $797 ) 

Platinum level access for Support ( Value $497 )  

Bonus Google Tag Manager Training ( Value $297 )


Total Technical SEO Mastery System Value $3,635  

Total Technical SEO Mastery System Investment Only $797 


Get Started Now

Start Building A Sustainable, High Traffic Site.

One-time Payment of



No recurring fees and no other hidden costs.  

Don’t Waste Time Re-Inventing The Wheel

We’ve used this exact system for our site. We’ve used it on our client’s sites too. It works.  

Don’t waste time building, reviewing, and tweaking your own process. Why would you want to spend hours trying to figure this out when we’re literally handing this to you on a platter.  

We’ve built this system with years of experience so that you don’t have to waste time. Just use it to hit the ground running.  

Read up on how this client bought a decade old site and corrected its declining traffic numbers using Technical SEO. 

The Problem: This site, which was launched in 2004 and had really healthy traffic numbers, had been neglected from 2017 onwards. The client purchased this site with the hypothesis that buying an established site in decline and fixing the Technical SEO issues would lead to rapid traffic and earnings growth.  

The Approach: Ran a detailed SEO Audit to identify all the site components and metrics that needed fixing  

The Solution: The client had to put in a lot of work since the site had been neglected for a long time. The client migrated the site to wordpress, added Yoast, implemented new category link structure, fixed orphan pages, changed article slugs, added a consistent navigation menu, improved mobile UX… it was a lot.  

The Result: In just over 1 month of the Technical SEO changes going live (mid-September 2019), the site’s traffic numbers have gone up by almost 2X and the Bounce Rate has declined by 21%.  

Run SEO Diagnostics Like A Pro  

Remember we told you that once you learn the Technical SEO Mastery system, you’ll be able to conduct site audits, identify and resolve issues? Well, to make your life even easier we’re giving you an SEO audit checklist. Just make a note of each line item on the checklist as you go about inspecting your site. 

You’ll save hours using this checklist since you’ll proactively conduct an in-depth audit instead of missing out on key aspects. Think about that.  

Read how this agency reduced its client’s Bounce Rate by over 30% just by implementing… Technical SEO.

The Problem: WompMobile, a digital agency that specializes in converting traditional e-commerce and enterprise sites into effective mobile experiences, needed to up its game in delivering consistently on its promises to clients - higher site traffic and lower bounce rates.  

The Solution: The agency implemented AMP into its proprietary development platform to create AMP pages that are automatically synchronized with their desktop counterparts.  

The Result: The agency’s clients who use the AMP pages significantly outperform those that don’t. These sites have seen a 105% increase in conversion rates, a 29% increase in CTR, and a 31% decline in bounce rates.  

Have Questions? Just Ask Us

You get access to Platinum level support as soon as you sign up for the Technical SEO Mastery system. That means you get first priority:  

  • Skip long queues for query resolution. 
  • Get quick, actionable solutions to all your questions - whether its a Technical SEO query or a logistics/ system access query.  


This Company Used Technical SEO To Increase Traffic By 270%  

The Problem: Rakuten Recipie, a global e-commerce and online retailing company needed to improve the UX by precisely matching people with food recipes that would most interest them.  

The Solution: The company implemented structured data and AMP. It leveraged Google’s Search Console to identify areas where it could provide more information to take full advantage of rich results such as Recipe Cards. It also leveraged the Structured Data Testing Tool to validate their code and identify errors in the markup data.  

The Result: The inclusion of Recipe Cards helped users “match” with more recipes. The Recipe pages saw an increase of 270% in organic traffic while the average session duration increased by 150%.  

Is This System For Me?

The Technical SEO system is definitely, without a doubt for you, if you belong to either of these groups:  

SEO Newbies

SEO Professionals

Site Owners

If you’re still exploring the potential  

Of becoming an SEO professional or if you’re just starting out, this system will reduce your learning curve & save you thousands of dollars and reduce your learning curve allowing you to quickly scale your site and business.

  If you’re working as an SEO professional  

This system will help you level up your game. Having a proven Technical SEO process to rapidly audit, diagnose, and repair sites to improve traffic and SERP rankings will definitely give you a distinct edge over your competition

If you’re a site owner managing your own site

This system will save you thousands of dollars that you’d otherwise spend on SEO agencies. Just use this Follow-Along-Simple system and manage your site’s SEO yourself - just like a PRO. 

Your Investment Is Protected With Our 100% Money back Guarantee  

The Technical SEO Mastery system has been built using our years of experience and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.  

This system has proven to be a winner for us. We’re so sure of this system and the value it provides that we’re offering you a

Nothing To Lose Money-Back Guarantee.  

If you’re not yet sure if this system is for you or you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest your time, effort, and money into this system then perhaps you should not sign up just yet. It wouldn’t be fair to you, to your SEO coaches, and to your fellow students.  

However, if you decide to enroll and find that the system is not what you expected or that you don’t have the time to run with it, then ask for your refund within 7 days of signing up. Your entire payment will be refunded to you - no questions asked.  

 This system and the benefits we’re bundling in this offer including the 100% money-back guarantee make this a zero-risk opportunity. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.  

We’ve honestly lost count of the number of clients we’ve helped

Increasing their site traffic, conversions, and revenue.  

Read how this LTP user increased her SERP ranking by over 25 positions within 1 month by re-structuring her site navigation and interlinking pages for better Technical SEO. 

The Problem: The client launched the site but despite some good content, the SERP rankings were well below expectations.  

The Solution: The client implemented a site restructure for better SEO. Specifically, she implemented a silo structure by linking each item in the header menu to a “pillar article”, embedding pillar articles with contextual links for all related internal articles, ensuring each article can be reached within 2 clicks from the homepage to improve site navigation, and setting up Wordpress category structure so that category links and breadcrumbs take users back to the “pillar articles”.  

The Result: The site restructure yielded a jump of over 25 positions in SERP rankings within 1 month  

Incidentally, another client faced the same issue of low traffic and poor SERP rankings. So we used the exact site navigation restructure approach. The result: the site saw traffic double within 2 months of the restructure.  

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What’s all the fuss about Technical SEO? Is it too complex for newbies?

  Not really. It’s just made out to be a big deal because of some “technical fixes” which are actually pretty straightforward:  

Rich Snippets 

Using Schema Structured Data, you can generate Rich Snippets. These make your site easier to understand to the search engines and to the users. As a result, not only does your site start ranking better, but you also increase site traffic and benefit from high click throughs and lower bounce rates 

Navigation & Site Structure

You need to optimize your site’s internal linking and navigability. To ensure that its super easy for search engines to crawl and the UX (user experience) is comfortable. Think of your site as a department store. You want all visitors to know where each item is placed, and where the checkout counter is. Your site needs to mimic the same experience. 

Website Speed

There are too many competitors out there vying for the customer’s attention. If your site takes too long to load, your potential customers will move on to your competitor’s site. It’s the classic adage - You snooze, you lose. 

Mobile Friendliness

Over 50% of internet searches now happen over mobile. Search engines have tweaked their algorithms to assess a site’s mobile-friendliness. Your site needs to offer the same level (if not better) UX as your desktop site. 

Indexation and Indexability

This helps you analyze if the site is over or under indexed, and how to fix it. Consequently, you won't be wasting your crawl budget, you won't be missing ranking opportunities, and you won't be hurting yourself with duplicate content. 

High CTR Search Results

Ranking higher will increase the number of users who visit your site. But getting that higher rank requires a whole lot of technical adjustments at the backend - adjusting URL structures, page titles, meta descriptions etc. You skip these and you can say goodbye to your dream of running a high traffic, high converting site.  

So does this mean you can’t crack the Technical SEO code?

Absolutely not! Here’s the good news.. 

We’ve built a Technical SEO implementation system that has helped our clients increase site traffic and improve SERP rankings (some moved up by over 25 positions in just over a month) .  

One of our clients saw her user base grow by 480% within 60 days of conducting an SEO audit and leveraging Technical SEO  

The Problem: Her site was barely 4 months old and the rankings of a number of their articles had started to flatten out and trend downwards sitewide. Simultaneously, the user base started shrinking. The articles had been performing decently so the downward trend could not be blamed on the quality of the content. 

The Approach: A thorough SEO Audit to identify the root cause of this downward trend. The client looked through everything - schemas, page speed, CTR...everything. The SEO Audit revealed that Google had been automatically choosing meta descriptions for some secondary keywords, different from the ones set in Yoast. Unfortunately, the meta descriptions Google selected were not conversion friendly.

The Solution: The client adjusted the rich snippet implementation, rewrote meta titles and descriptions, and added new text below the h2 and h3 headers containing secondary information.  

The Result: A 480% growth in user base within 2 months  

The really successful companies with high traffic beat their competition by consistently leveraging Technical SEO practices. This company increased its conversions by over 50% just by reducing its site load speed 

The Problem: Zitmaxx Wonen, a furniture retailer discovered that over 50% of new visitors to their site were coming from smartphones. A poor performing mobile site greatly impacted the company’s sales numbers.  

The Approach: The company used tools such as Google Analytics, Google Ads Store Visits, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, and Test My Site as part of an SEO Audit to identify areas for technical improvement.  

The Solution: The company identified the exact bottlenecks linking page speed to UX. It revamped its entire mobile site to load faster. It achieved a maximum score of 100 on PageSpeed Insights and a load time of 3 seconds on Test My Site (the category average was 4 seconds).  

The Result: Mobile conversion rates increased by 50.2% and mobile revenue increased by 98.7%  

At LTP, we’re all about SEO and improving our client’s sites. We’ve spent years helping brands improve their search engine rankings. We could go on and on and on about how we’ve done it but it would be a waste of your time.  

Our focus is YOU and how we can help YOU start to run a high-traffic site giving YOU the best opportunity to increase your income.  

So we’ve taken all our experiences, our mistakes, the lessons learned, and the hacks discovered… and created this system to help YOU get up and running in no time.  

This system will help you increase traffic to your site while saving you tens of thousands of hours and thousands of dollars which you would have otherwise spent on an agency or ‘expert’.  

All you have to do is replicate the system. This is a Follow-Along-Simple system that can be implemented immediately...and you can do it yourself without spending thousands of dollars on an agency.  

Yet another satisfied customer of LongTailPro  

“Doubling our results month-over-month has not only helped us to grow our email list and generate revenue through our affiliate partners. It’s helped us to transform our mere industry blog into a real, thriving business.”

- Alan Perlman, UAVCoach


Why The Technical SEO Mastery System?  

✓ Platinum Level Support.

Any issue you face, whether technical or non-technical will be taken care of by our support team. We demand sincerity from you when you sign up for the course and we deliver sincerity to you when we teach you and assist you with any issues. 

✓ Lifetime access to course material.

Learn at your own pace. Revise and re-visit the material whenever you need a refresher. You have life-long access to the material. And more importantly, you automatically get access to any updates made to the course content

✓ Nothing To Lose, Money - Back Guarantee.

Don’t like what you’re learning? Don’t think you have the time to invest in the course? No problem. Ask for your refund within 7 days of signing up and get 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Put simply - You have nothing to lose. 

You owe it to yourself to use this golden opportunity to build the high traffic site you envisioned. Or to increase traffic to your existing sites or your client sites. You have nothing to lose. You could always ask for your money back if you don’t like what you’re served.  

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Frequent Ask Questions  

1. I don’t have my own site nor do I have a client. Is the Technical SEO Mastery system of any value to me?  

If you intend on making money as an SEO practitioner (either for your own site or for a client) in the future, then yes this system has tremendous value for you. The over the shoulder videos and follow-along-simple process you will get access to will help you on your journey to becoming an SEO ninja. Remember, all the material is available life-long so you can keep revisiting it whenever you launch your own site or add a new client.

2. How much time do I need to invest in Technical SEO Mastery? 

The system is divided into 3 modules. However, each session is recorded and you can learn at your own pace. So it really comes down to how many hours you want to invest per week. There is no strict timeline adherence. This system is for you to capitalize on.

3. I can cover the modules much faster. Can I get access to the entire system at once? 

No. The material for each module is released at the start of the module. If you’re really acing it, you could finish each module well before everyone else but you’ll have to wait for the commencement of the next module in order to proceed further in the course. But don’t let that hold you back. Use the spare time to implement whatever you’ve covered in the module.

4. The Technical SEO Mastery system isn’t working for me. Can I get a refund? 

Sure you can. We offer a Nothing To Lose, money-back guarantee. Just ask for your refund within 7 days of signing up and we’ll give you back 100% of your money back. No questions asked. Why? Because we’re so sure of this system which works not just for us but for our clients. You literally have nothing to lose.  

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